Rehabilitation: CES through its rehabilitation program assesses the psychosocial needs of the youths and provides them. Through psychosocial counselling, therapies, and psycho-spiritual growth, the minds of the youths changes from violence to peaceful approaches and making them morally upright and good for development.

Reintegration: The reintegration program of CES helps the youths whose families had lost trust in them and left them on their own to get back into their families and communities. The reintegration program does not work with the youths in isolation but also with their families to forgive, rebuild trust and commitment. Where there is a victim, CES carries out Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) to ensure sustainability and no revenge. As such, the victims goes through the rehabilitation processes.

Reinsertion and Placement: CES provides reinsertion for their clients who have left prison or have gone away from normal communal life and use violence as a means to an end. Reinsertion program gives them the reason to want to live in the community again. Some placements of clients are done in schools and others are in vocational workshops depending on their talents and passions.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): Monitoring and evaluation is primordial at all stages and during all programs of CES activities to ensure success. Peacebuilding: CES greatly contributes in peacebuilding through its activities. It is vital to know that the youths can make or mar peace in any country and so are a delicate group of people who should be handled with care. When the psychosocial needs of these youths are not met, they resort to violence and peace and stability will be a history for that community. As such, CES comes up with psycho-social, psycho-spiritual and therapeutic approaches to build peace in the youths who are the leaders of tomorrow thereby ensuring a peaceful and safe society for all. The role of peacebuilding is critical to nation building or post conflict reconstruction in post conflict zones. The pervasive portrayal of youths as perpetrators and victims of conflict is a narrative which CES seeks to transform in its peace building strategy