Project Title :

Reintegration and reinsertion of youths from prisons and ex fighters from the NSAGs

Contract scope :

Prisons in the NW Region/ DDR Center/ Religious organizations/Schools.

Contract duration :

2017 - present

Project Funder / Reference :

CES funded activity

Main achievements :

  • Addressing issues of delinquency in secondary schools to 1200 parents during PTA meetings,  and 5 group counselling sessions to 5350 youths from 4 secondary schools in Mezam division.
  • Psychosocial counseling to 54 ex-fighters at the DDR centre in Bamenda
  • Psychosocial counseling of 122 juvenile inmates
  • Providing legal assistance to Juvenile inmates
  • Providing reintegration and reinsertion of juveniles.
  • Providing a pathway for DDR to exfighters.

Project Pictures