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To build a new generation of children/youths to be peaceful, morally upright and development oriented.

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Cornerstone Enrichment Services (CES) was registered as an apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit-making civil society organization (CSO) in Bamenda (No. Authorization Nº: 35/E.29/1111/vol.8/ALPAS – Bamenda,26 September 2017) in conformity with prescriptions of Article 7 of Law No. 90/053 of 19/12/90 relating to the creation and functioning of associations in Cameroon. Our head office is in Bamenda (Veterinary Junction), with a field office in Buea, SW region of Cameroon.

Since its inception in 2016, the organization has been working with children/youths, women, parents, national and international bodies in the promotion of peace building through Psychosocial Counseling and therapeutic programs for youths. CES through its rehabilitation, reinsertion, reintegration and placements programs is committed to addressing radicalization and delinquency amongst youths and youths at risk by empowering them to become productive citizens, peaceful and development partners in a bid to solve political, economic and social challenges.

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CES is a peace building, multi-stakeholder and cross-sector civil society organization (CSO) with a mission to improve livelihoods, Community Violence Reduction (CVR), Community Based Reintegration (CBR), alleviate involuntary social exclusion and to enhance the productive capacity of children, youths and women through the human-rights-based approach to sustainable development. CES desires to curb violence and improve safety, responsible and peaceful lifestyle among women, youths and children through psychosocial counseling, therapies, rehabilitation, reinsertion, reintegration and placement provision. We are committed towards engaging and empowering the vulnerable – who suffer multiple inequalities and deprivations.

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CES greatly contributes in peacebuilding through its activities. It is vital to know that the youths can make or mar peace in any country and so are a delicate group of people who should be handled with care. When the psychosocial needs of these youths are not met, they resort to violence, peace and stability becomes history for that community. As such, CES comes up with psycho-social, psycho-spiritual and therapeutic approaches to build peace in the youths with violent tendencies. CES is in cognizance with the fact youths are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore its activities ensures a peaceful and safe society for all. The role of peacebuilding is critical to nation building and reconstruction in conflict and post conflict zones.


Community Violence Reduction (CVR) refers to programmes, implemented by the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) or CVR component of a United Nations (UN) peace operation, aiming at preventing and reducing violence at the community level in ongoing armed conflict or in post-conflict environments. CES community outreach programs and activities seek to address the issues of community violence reduction.


CES uses the CBR approach which is a more comprehensive way to community driven reintegration, integration, resilience and community security programming. It responds to the different dynamics of (re)integration and resilience processes, target groups (e.g. ex-combatants, returnees, refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups and other children and youth at risk) and receiving- and host communities.


CES youth reintegration focuses on the United Nations Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agenda which are: Participation -Protection -Prevention -Partnerships -Disengagement and Reintegration CES uses a 3 lens approach to reintegrate and address the rising youth issues. Therefore in any CES project, youths are:

  1. The target group, working for youths as beneficiaries
  2. Collaborators, engaging with youths as partners
  3. Initiators

Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)

CES has the expertise and is involved in facilitating national DDR trainings to different service providers (DDR practitioners,  police, military, and civilian agencies). However it is Important to know what DDR is all about as seen below.

-Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives, light and heavy weapons of combatants and often also of the civilian population.

-Demobilization is the formal and controlled discharge of active combatants from armed forces or other armed groups. The first stage of demobilization may extend from the processing of individual combatants in temporary centres to the massing of troops in camps designated for this purpose (cantonment sites, encampments, assembly areas or barracks). The second stage of demobilization encompasses the support package provided to the demobilized, which is called reinsertion.

-Reintegration is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain alternative livelihoods and income. Reintegration is essentially a social, economic and political process with an open time frame, primarily taking place in communities at the local level.


CES provides reinsertion for their clients who have left prison or have gone away from normal communal life and used violence as a means to an end. Reinsertion program gives them the reason to want to live in the community again. Some placements of clients are done in schools and others are in vocational workshops depending on their talents and passions.

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Our Team

Victorine Lumnuie Ambe

Co-founder and Executive Director

Nfor Victorine Lumnuie Ambe is the Executive Director of Cornerstone Enrichment Services (CES), Bamenda, Cameroon. She is a distinguished peace advocate and a trained juvenile counsellor who is concerned in harnessing peace within delinquent youths and their families through psychosocial counselling as a means to contribute World Peace. She holds a Masters degree in Peace, Conflict studies, and International Relations. She is passionate about working with youths issues.She holds a certificate in Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration obtained from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre. She is also the Secretary General of the Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency; PAIDWA, Bamenda branch Coordinator Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA).

Ncha Rachael Achu

Program Coordinator

Has a background and experience in accounting. She is responsible for the financial management of the organisation. She loves working with youths to make them responsible and good leaders. She sees CES as a home for everybody and an avenue for change.

Bolam Agnes Fighele

Protection Focal Point

Bolam Agnes Fighele is a trained psychosocial counselor for juveniles with 4yrs working experience. She also has 9 years working experience on Gender Based Violence (GBV). She believes in maintaining confidentiality with her clients. She loves to confer with clients to discuss their options and goals so that rehabilitation programs and plans for accessing needed services can be developed. She is good at preparing and maintaining records and case files for clients including documentations. She enjoys contributing and creating a positive work environment. She is energetic, hardworking, willing to learn and accept constructive criticism. She posses comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft word, excel and power point. She is also passionate about training clients into craft works. craft.

Young Regina Afanwi

Disability and Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS) focal point

Holder of a Masters degree in Special Needs Education. She is also a holder of a Diploma in Women and Development and Entrepreneur management. She has filed work experience in working with persons living with disabilities especially in mainstreaming them into all activities. Have a passion in working with deaf persons ensuring their full inclusion and participation in activities that have a positive impacts in their lives through sign language interpretation. She is also passionate about counselling youths especially deaf youths on choosing a career that will make them self reliant and improve on their livelihood.

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