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Donate to stop Violence and radicalism amongst Youths and to empower future Cameroon leaders

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Unless we impact the lives of the youths of today with good morals and life skills, we cannot guarantee peace in the world in future. Volunteer to impact the youths with moral values, basic life skills and coping strategies.

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Sponsor a child to have education or learn a vocational skill as a means to prevent crimes and violence amongst youths thereby making a safe and peaceful society.

Who are we?

Cornerstone Enrichment Services (CES) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization, working in Cameroon under PREFECTORAL ORDER Nº 35/E.29/1111/vol.8/ALPAS. Since its inception in 2016, the organization has been working with children/youths, parents and government bodies in the promotion of peacebuilding through Psychosocial Counselling and therapeutic programs for youths. CES through its rehabilitation, reinsertion, reintegration and placements programs is committed to addressing delinquency and radicalization amongst youths and empowering them to become productive citizens, peaceful and development partners in a bid to solve political, economic and social challenges.

Our Vision

To build a new generation of youths to be peaceful, morally upright and development partners.

Our Mission Statement

Curbing violence and improving safety, responsible and peaceful lifestyle among youths and children through psychosocial counselling and therapies, rehabilitation, reinsertion, reintegration and placement provision.

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Success Story

Che Lesly who upon release from the Bamenda Central Prison was engaged into CES programs for rehabilitation, reintegration and reinsertion/placement. He was incarcerated as an accomplice to theft and was in prison for 8 months. He was reintegrated into his family and went through his counseling sessions for 8 weeks. Working together with his family, he was finally placed in a vocational training furniture workshop at Progressive Modern Furniture, Sonac Street. After his counseling sessions, the placement process was not an easy one as Lesly was reluctant to learn a trade because he had to move from his peers. His passion was to continue in woodwork but he was not enthusiastic about starting. Even when his counselor looked for a better scholarship opportunity for him to rather continue learning the furniture work in town than in the village, Lesly was still not showing any interest. Together with his family, we counseled, encouraged and obliged him to come get a new and modern experience in furniture training in town at a well-renowned place, an opportunity that his counselor searched and got for him. He finally accepted and has already undergone the three years training program. As counselors, we realize that patience is the key to get these juveniles back on the rail of social integration and economic empowerment. It is vital to note that Lesly keeps thanking CES and his counselors for being patient on him to realize his dream.

On the part of Che Lesly, he says: “the CES program has helped me a lot because now I can concentrate on my work more than ever before. Now I am focused on my career and I can produce a lot of furniture and help myself and family. The program has helped me through my counselor to get into learning more modern and classical designs of furniture. I therefore say yes I can recommend anyone who wants to get into this program because the benefits at the end of the day belong to us. I was in prison before but now I am in town excelling in modern furniture.” It is also primordial to know that his boss is so happy about his hard work and the wonderful moral values which he portrays. He even said if CES has more of such clients as Lesly we should not hesitate to bring to him.

Lesly’s uncles and aunts who were supposed to be his guardians since his mother is single and mentally disabled, were so happy and have kept thanking CES for this wonderful opportunity that has come into their families.



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